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Feature List

Development and Modelling – Breadboards, Computer Simulation, CAD

Joining Materials – Joining Woods, Joining Metals, Wood Mechanical Fixings, Metal and Plastic Mechanical Fixings

Making Processes – Jigs, Abrasives, Sand Casting, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Routing, Laser Cutting, 3d Printing, Laminating, Wood Turning, Sawing, Line Bending, Injection Moulding, Vacuum Forming, Blow Moulding, Rotational Moulding, Extrusion, Calendering, Compression Moulding, Press Forming, Cupping, Embossing, Die Casting, Investment Casting, Forging

Quizzes – CAD Advantages Questions, Tools And Equipment Quiz, Packaging Quiz, Electronic Component Quiz, Electronic Component Symbol Match, Complete the Temperature Controller Circuit, Temperature Circuit Theroy Questions, Logic Gates Truth Table Quiz, Advanced Logic Circuits, Mechs And Motion, Gear Ratios Quiz, Complete PIC Circuit, Flow Charts And Commands Quiz, Potential Divider Quiz, Ohms Law Quiz, Complete Flow Chart Quiz, Cams Quiz, Plastic Products Revision, Metals Products Revision, Wood Products, Vac Forming Stages Quiz, Manufacturing Quiz, Joining Materials Quiz, Production Methods Quiz, Material Finishes Quiz

Materials – Composite Materials, ThermoPlastics, ThermoSetting Plastics, Ferrous Metals, Non Ferrous Metals, Hardwoods, Softwoods, Textiles, Smart Materials, Modern Materials, Man Made Board, Material Properties, Adhesives, Adhesive Selector, Elastomers, Identifying Plastics, Plastic Additives, Biodegradeable Plastics, Heat Treatment, Alloying Metals, Printing Methods, Paper And Card, Finishing Metals, Finishing Woods, Finishing Plastics

Food Technology – Pasta, Protein, Fats, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Treating Foods, Combining Foods, Finishing Foods, Food Structures, Additives, Food Temperature, Food Packaging, Labelling, Types of Packaging, Social and Ethical Considerations, Diets, Scales of Production, ICT in Food Technology, Food Hygiene, Cutting and Preparation Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Quality Control, Standard Components. (All of the Food Technology section is also available in Welsh)

Industrial Processes – Production Methods, Project Planning, Automation, Market Awareness, Health And Safety, Product Maintenance, Legislation

Moral And Cultural Awareness – Sustainability, Environmental, Energy Sources, Social Issues, Safety Marks

Designing – Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, ICT In Design, Design Methods, Technology Push and Market Pull, Product Evaluation

Electronic Components – Relay, 555 Timer, LED, Diode, Transistor, Capacitor, Preset, Resistor, Pot, Push and Rocker Switch, Key and Tilt Switch, Rotary and Toggle Switch, Slide and Reed Switch, Thermistor, LDR, Moisture Sensor, Solenoid, Motor, Stepper Motor And Servo, Multicolour LED, FET, Seven Segment Display, Thyristor, E24 Series, OpAmp, Voltage Regulator

Structures and Mechanisms – Cranks, Cam, Linkages, MA, VR, Types Of Motion, Levers, Chain And Sprocket, Pulley, Worm Gears, Bevel Gears, Helical Gears, Rack And Pinion Gears, Spur Gears, Gear Train, Compound Gear Train, Forces, Structures, Friction,

Circuit Theory – Monostable Delay, Astable Timer, Series Resistance, Analogue And Digital, Ohms Law, Resistor Calculator, Potential Divider, Potential Divider Calculator, PIC ADC

Project Circuits – Curtain Controller, Motor Reversal , AM Radio, Motor Speed Controller, Rain Alarm, Heat Sensor, Noise Switch, LED Dice, Steady Hand Game

Flow Charts & Programming – Flow Charts, Flow Chart Examples, Example Programs, Basic Programming, Types Of PICS,

PCB Manufacture – Machine PCB, Etching PCB, Assembling PCB, Fault Finding

Robotics – Robotics, Robotics Automation & Line Follower 

Simulations – Dark Sensor Simulation, Basic PIC Simulation

Design Movements – Design Timeline, Art Deco, De Stijl, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Modernism, Arts and Crafts, Pop Art, Cubism

Packaging – Functions of Packaging, Labelling, Types of Packaging, Manufacturing Packaging,

Graphic Design – Sticking and Fixing Compliant Materials, Cutting Tools for Graphics, Graphic Identity, Advertising and Point of Sale Displays, Colour, Typography, Drawing Equipment, printing methods

Graphic Designers – Harry Beck, Alberto Alessi, Jock Kinnier & Margaret Calvert, Wally Ollins

Drawing Techniques – First Angle Projection, Third Angle Projection, Exploded and Cross Section Views, Drawing a Circle & Ellipse, Oblique Drawing, Isometric Grid and Isometric Drawing, Two Point Perspective, One Point Perspective, Contouring, Crating

Design and Make Project (Controlled Assessment or Non Examined Assessment)

The guidance follows a systematic approach to the project and includes guidance and examples of work for each section.

Design Brief, Research, Product Analysis, Research Analysis, Specification, Design Ideas, Evaluation Of Ideas, Developing Ideas, Modelling Ideas, Final Design, Making, Project Diary, Testing, Evaluation, Life Cycle Analysis

The application goes through regular updates and some features above could be removed. Newer features could be included not listed above.

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